Don’t Be Like Ricky

Meet Ricky.

Ricky has decided it’s time to clean his gutters from the fallen leaves and pine needles. But he has decided to do this chore a bit differently this year. After all, it’s a boring chore and he wants to get it over with quickly. He’s not really paying attention to gutter cleaning safety. Somebody should tell Ricky that that’s not a very good idea.

Can you find the mistakes he makes?

Ricky is home alone so he figures this is as good a time as any to clean out his gutters. He puts on his sandals,  goes outside and grabs an old, wooden ladder from the shed. While putting it up against the house he thinks, “Gee I haven’t used this ladder in a few years. Well, who cares that it has a few broken rungs? Since the ground is really rocky and uneven here, I’ll just secure the ladder on this wooden palette. It’ll be fine.”

“Now, where are my gloves?” he says out loud. “Ahh–forget the gloves. I won’t need them. And this year I’ll clean the gutters without those scratched up goggles as well. That wasp nest is hopefully long gone. And I doubt that there will be any frogs jumping out at me two years in a row!”

Ricky tries to maintain his balance while scooping out the gutters barehanded.

“I forgot what hard work this is,” he mutters to himself.

Convinced that he needs a break, Ricky decides to sit on a ladder rung for a bit. The dampness of the leaves reminds him of the heavy rainstorm the week before.

“I need to remember to check out that fallen wire by the chimney,” he says. “Maybe when I get to that part of the roof I’ll check it out. Hope it’s not a live wire,” he chuckles to himself.

Don’t be like Ricky.

Remember that safety is important when doing any type of chore around the house! 

Ricky Should Have:

  • Not done this chore while alone
  • Worn rubber/sturdy shoes
  • Tested the ladder for safety in advance
  • Used a secure ladder in good working condition
  • Had someone spot him while on the ladder
  • Place the ladder on even ground and not on another object
  • Worn heavy gloves and possibly used a scoop
  • Worn eye protection
  • Not sat down on the ladder rung
  • Examine the area for hanging wires in advance and avoid them

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