Fall Protection Systems

Windows can be cleaned in many ways. Access and height can make the job difficult and dangerous. Many buildings are not outfitted with suitable and compliant anchorages. GSS designs, supplies and installs compliant Fall Protection Systems with the end-user in mind, after all . . . we are end-users, too.

Fall Protection Engineering

All fall protection systems are custom-designed to fit the building’s configuration, structural makeup, rooftop machinery, and window placements while taking into consideration the building owner’s budgetary requirements. Whether the structure calls for standard anchors, pier anchors, wall anchors, or a horizontal lifeline system, let our experts design the perfect system to make your building fully compliant. GSS uses a 5-point process to complete your project from initial assessment to certification and testing.

We share our customers’ focus on total safety and full compliance with industry standards.

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OSHA Standards

Employers shall provide and install all fall protection systems required by this subpart for an employee, and shall comply with all other pertinent requirements of this subpart before that employee begins the work that necessitates the fall protection.