The Final Rule: Time to Get Compliant

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A final rule went into effect this past November that states that building owners had until November 20th, 2017, to become compliant regarding their fall protection systems. The owner of the building is obligated under OSHA Regulation 1910.27 to have documentation that their fall protection system is certified as safe to be used.

What does this mean for you if you’re a building owner?
If you’re a building owner, you can no longer use your existing fall protection systems unless you comply with the following:

  • All anchors must have documentation of a visual inspection every year.
  • All anchors must be load-tested every 10 years by a Professional Engineer.
  • You must show proof of a passed inspection with an official, stamped document.

roof anchors

Because people’s lives are at stake. But that’s not the end of the story.

What does this mean for you if you’re a window washing company?
If you’re a window washing company, you can’t work on any building unless the owners have provided the certified documentation listed above. You need to refuse to work on that building.

Because it’s your life that’s at stake. Now, here’s the easy part.

GSS can provide visual inspection services, load testing (re-certification) services, repair, and supplemental services. For those who don’t know what they need, GSS can provide rooftop assessments.

We Know Rooftop Safety! Check out our video for Fall Protection.

OSHA 1910.27 – It saves lives. And it’s the law.