Railing Rental

Delivery, Set-up and Dismantling Available

RailGuard is the original non-penetrating rail system that exceeds requirements for OSHA temporary and permanent guard-rail standards. Our Railing Rental is ideal for creating leading edge rooftop fall prevention or for defining material landing zones during active work on the jobsite. The modular design comes in lengths from 2 to 13.5-feet in basic kits that include (1) rail, (1) base and (2) pins. Individual components can be added for custom safety guardrail applications. RailGuard Railing Rental can be mounted permanently both internally and externally with these features:

Railing Rental Features

• 16 gauge welded steel rail and powder coated for durability
• Standard yellow or in a variety of colors
• 90 pound four socket cast bases for flexibility and ease of installation
• Meets OSHA 1910.23(c)
• Choice of Base Transporter options to ease transportation and storage
• Built-in toe board pockets and carrying handles
• Allows 90 or 45 degree turns

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Worker Injuries in the Construction Industry

In 2011, the private construction industry experienced 721 fatal work injuries. Two hundred and fifty four of the 721 deaths were caused by falls. Injuries like these could have been prevented with our RailGuard Railing Rental.

Fall-protection Training and Follow-up

In recent OSHA reports, nearly 90 percent of fatal falls happen when no fall-protection system is in place. Other falls occur when fall-protection systems are used improperly. Proper use of PFA systems, securing 3 of ladders, observing correct procedures for scaffold setup, and guarding and covering skylights and other roof holes all are essential elements of a safe work environment that reduces fall exposures. In a separate OSHA study involving 99 fall-related fatalities, it was found virtually all the deaths could have been prevented by the use of railing rental guardrails, PFA systems, safety nets, covers or other means to reduce employee exposure to the hazard. Proper training and use of railing rental fall-protection measures can save lives. An effective job hazard analysis may help you assess the risks posed by specific tasks